How Will Taking A Course Like This Benefit Me?
The Responsible Serving® Course fulfills the legal mandate to take alcohol server training in some states. Some bars or restaurants may also have house or business policies that require their employees to take a course that deals with responsible serving® in order to obtain lower insurance rates for the bar or restaurant. Or, some establishments proactively maintain training to help avoid legal problems. 
Having this certification prior to being interviewed for a position will also help you to stand out from other applicants. PSCC's Bartender Mixology Course is especially useful for this because it teaches you how to make drinks, customer service, bar terminology, and more. This mixology training certificate will help you "stand out from the crowd" of other job applicants and help you find the bartending job you want. Our other advanced courses - like Wine Knowledge and Liquor Knowledge - can help you increase your tips, impress your customers or advance your career! 




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