Online training - Responsible Serving® of Alcohol / Food Safety


Online Training for Responsible Serving® of Food and Alcohol

Responsible Serving® of Alcohol

The Responsible Serving® course will give you an alcohol seller/server certificate or state bartender license.  Courses are available for both on premise and off premise server permits.

Responsible Serving® for Food Handlers (Food Safety)

The Food Safety for Handlers course will get you your safe food handlers card, also known as the food handlers permit.  Click the course link to find your state requirements.
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More Online Courses for Bartenders, Alcohol Sellers/Servers, and Food Service Employees

PSCC - Rserving offers other types of food and alcohol certification training courses in addition to the online courses for alcohol server certification (responsible serving®) and food safety. To learn more about our other courses, click on the links below.