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Being a waiter or waitress is a demanding job. This course will teach you the essential information you need to have to provide efficient, quality service that ensures guests are happy throughout their entire visit. Servers sometimes have to deal with demanding customers, hot kitchens, sore feet, and long shifts. On top of that, they also have to have a positive attitude and the ability to prioritize and handle many tasks (and plates) at the same time. 

Learn what it takes to be a great waiter or waitress today!This course is rated at 6 hours. 

Some of the information covered in the course includes:

  • Tips for better organization with regard to improving memory and recall. As a waiter or waitress, you have to be able to think fast, have good memorization techniques, and good customer service techniques. 
  • Etiquette and practices for serving large groups, for serving in different venues, and must-have methods for carrying, distributing, and taking care of customer orders.
  • Alcoholic beverage knowledge regarding intoxicated patrons, cutting off service, and more.
  • Techniques and methods for greeting and bidding goodbye to customers, increasing tips through suggestive selling, and more.

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RServing's Waiter/Waitress Course can be used for training in all states, across the country! 

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