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Liquor Knowledge Online Training & Certification

It's no surprise or secret that the most knowledgeable servers make better tips and have better job security than those with less knowledge. Increase your tips and take-home pay by serving top-shelf drinks that customers will gladly spend more money for. This course is rated at 40 hours. 

Here's some things to remember:

  • Product knowledge is a must-have for every professional bartender and server! 
  • When combined with excellent customer service, it means the difference between serving beer for a few dollars a night in tips versus serving top-shelf drinks - for much better tips. 
  • Taking the time to learn about the various types of liquor is an investment or your time, but it can be well worth it when you are quizzed by customers about your products. 
  • Being able to quickly, accurately and capably recommend a drink to a customer will not only show off your knowledge as a better bartender, it will increase the respect you receive from your customers, co-workers, and your employer.
  • Having accurate product knowledge will give you the ability to ask the right questions to determine what a customer likes and recommend the best drinks that will keep them coming back for more - and tipping you well!

Did You Know?
RServing's Liquor Knowledge Course can be used for bartender product knowledge training in all states, across the country.  

For 365 days after your initial login to the course you will have access to the course, course material, and be able to review the course material. 

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